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CONTROL Automation and Data solutions

With over a century of combined experience in process automation, data handling, and machine design Engenuity Inc has the expertise to solve complex problems and streamline customer processes. Whether converting existing solution or producing new innovations Engenuity can provide the expertise and support to ensure a successful project.
Engenuity realizes the value of getting products to market quickly while achieving dependable solutions and services. Our talented group of Designers, Developers, and Engineers follow proven processes such as Agile and Stage Gate. These processes allow us to achieve minimum viable products (MVP) while providing accurate data packages and tracking throughout the life of the project.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Solutions

Engenuity Inc having the patent for fully Autonomous BOP Pressure Testing has developed many unique solutions to help solve complex challenges associated with hydrostatic testing. Whether you are looking for an economical digital charting solution to replace circle charts or a fully autonomous testing solution Engenuity can provide the right solution for you. Contact us for more information about our EZ Chart, EZ Valve, and EZ Vision solutions. Be sure to schedule your demonstration or trial test today.

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