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Control Automation

CONTROL Automation and Data solutions

Engenuity serves a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Agriculture, Food Processing, Refineries, Dairy, and Aerospace. As a trusted resource Engenuity Inc has supported world-wide deployments, creating innovative technologies partnering with some of the largest companies in the world.

Control Automation

As an Opto 22 integrator Engenuity provides both control and data optimization on a single backplane eliminating complex multiproduct solutions. This allows for seamless operation in control automation packages allowing for instant data access either in SCADA, IoT, or hosted data applications such as Azure or AWS. In addition to this powerful platform Engenuity specializes in providing custom manufacturing and control automation solutions for the most demanding environments including hazardous environments.
Having worked with solutions such as Codesys, Allen Bradley, Siemens, LabVIEW, Wago, Omron, MicroPython, Schneider, hardwired logic solutions, and PC control systems Engenuity has the background to support your control automation project.

Languages and Frameworks

Our diversified team can utilize multiple languages and frameworks depending on the project and scope of work. The list of languages includes PAC Control, Node Red, JavaScript, C++, Node, LabVIEW, among others. Common Frameworks include React, React Native, Redux, React Route, Sequelize, Gulp, Babel, Jquery, Underscore, React Bootstrap, Semantic Ui, and Less.

SCADA and Data Sharing

The ability to provide SCADA, Remote Monitoring and Data hosting solutions are rapidly becoming a requirement for today’s control automation project. Engenuity can provide seamless integrated packages using common technologies such as (MQTT, Ignition, SQL, no SQL database, OSIsoft PI, WITML, Microsoft Power BI). Our team reviews each project separately and provides visualization roadmaps to help ensure your solution meets demands of today’s digital requirements.

Network and Data Solutions

To fully realize the benefits of a robust control solution data must be reliably accessed and stored securely. Our team has worked extensively to develop secure access solutions utilizing ethernet, WIFI, cellular, and satellite solutions. These secure access points allow data transmission through a variety of technologies such as MQTT, Ignition, OSIsoft Pi, WITML, HTTP, Serial, and traditional methods such as Modbus and Profibus.

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